Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finger Joints and Stopped Dados

This is one of those times when it is very easy to ruin all the work so far!  The way I've designed this case is to have a floating panel for the top and bottom.  Originally I had planned to resaw some 8/4 stock and book match these but since I was able to find a wide piece that wasn't needed.  The top/bottom will be 5/8" thick and positioned slightly below the edges. With finger joints you can cut your dado through the open  finger on one board but the other one needs to be stopped and cut into the finger itself.  Time for patience and sharp chisels!  You can see in the photo how the dado goes about 1/4" into the finger.  Always a danger of splitting when you cut with the grain but even if it does, if you're careful not to let it split out, when the box is assembled the glue will hold all of it together.  This box will be glued together completely and then the top will then be separated from the bottom.

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