Sunday, January 2, 2011

As a teacher I woulda...............

....... never let a student start a project with plans as sketchy as mine!  You've probably heard the expression "burning the candle at both ends", well; with this tool chest project I must be burning it at 5 or more ends!  It's been an interesting challenge making do with mostly odds and ends of material.  Quite a change from planning, making a cutting list, and then buying what you need plus some for waste.  Now it's a matter of finding the material and planning around it.  With the temperature hovering in the low 40's I'm using a brain freeze for any and all mistakes as well.  Here's the first mock up picture of what the final outcome may be:

This is looking at the back and I like how my  tongue and grooved back pieces came out.  They're about 1/2" thick and to add a little detail I simply used a spokeshave on one edge.  Rather than measure and mark I relied on the thickness of the shaving to tell me when I had enough of a chamfer.  I almost wished that I'd made the T&G panel for the sides as well but didn't have enough material.  Once I calculate the height of the piece I can cut the back to the correct size.  My plan is to have the top lid hinge with brass dowels and until I figure out exactly where it will be the final back size will have to wait.  The lid will need to be rounded over on the back so that it can pivot -- probably use a block plane to accomplish that.
There's a 50% chance of snow later this evening and tomorrow, may need to crank up the propane heated to work on the dovetails for the front.  There was some glue ups that I did yesterday so I worked as close to the heater as possible and then brought them into the house (laundry room) to cure.  This desert sure makes it tough on gluing up -- too hot and it cures before clamping, too cold and it never cures!

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