Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Know When to Quit !!

I guess being an ultrarunner means you're pretty intense and don't always know when to quit -- I seem to carry that in what ever I do!  After dinner I went out to the shop to see how the glue was setting up and thought, heck; might as well sand, scrape, and clean up some of the pieces for tomorrow.  Well, as you can see; one thing lead to another.  As I was cleaning the shelf I noticed there was quite a gap between it and the leg assembly.  Too much wiggle!  I've figured out that by gently pushing wooden shims between the loose joints it's possible to get them apart so that's what I did.

The entire assembly came away.  Boy, this really reinforces my thoughts on not using dowels.  There is a lot of end grain to end grain surface here and the only thing holding it together is a dowel.  I know it was the production method of the day but .......
In any case, I used the brush and water/vinegar solution to re-dissolve the existing glue, sanded the dowels and gave them some notching, and also discovered that I had a wire brush that may have been used to clean a rifle bore that was perfect for cleaning out the dowel holes.


Here's this section glued up for the night, now I really am going to let it rest until tomorrow afternoon!

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