Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Hard Is It ??

Sounds like a punch line from a Johnny Carson monologue doesn't it?  'Cept now I'm talking about the Bloodwood.  I cut dovetails on the stretcher going across the front of the tool chest and noted that it was a hard, sinewy, type of wood.  Easily split off (got the sliver under my fingernail to prove it) and hard on the tools.  Well, after about 6 sets of practice half blind dovetails that I had planned to use for the drawers I changed my mind.  The main drawers are 2" tall so that would easily accommodate 2 tails so that was the intent of my practice.  Split, crack, splinter, dull tools, sharpen, and do it again until >>>>>

Japanese Skewed Paring Chisel
Yep, broke the tip right off of it.  I know Japanese steel is pretty brittle and to be honest, I'm not sold on them.  I may have pried a little but the tip stayed stuck into the wood!  Anybody want to make me an offer on a slightly used set of chisels -- I can take PayPal (I'm serious).
Anyway, after weighing my options I decided to do a rabbeted joint reinforced with dowels.  The drawer sides are Alder, the dowel is dark, and it should make an interesting contrast for the joint.  Cut all the bits and pieces last night so will work on that in the morning.
I called the Japan Woodworker and was told they'd charge about $15.00 to regrind the tip.  They're in their current catalog for $43.00 each so I'll sell the pair for the first $60.00.  Part numbers are 06.001.060 and 06.002.060.

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