Monday, January 31, 2011

Ready to Go Home

Well, here's the other chair in its' finished state just waiting for a ride home.  This was a good challenge, I've woven a seat before using a natural grass material but this is done using paper fibre rush.  It's very uniform in size but more rigid than a natural material so weaving the final bridge section of the seat was difficult -- I have achy fingers and hands to prove it!  After two thin coats of shellac it was ready to re-attach the moldings to the sides, front, and back.  I wasn't able to keep the nails from popping through but that will just add to the aged, antique quality of the chair although I will see if I can find a touch up for it.
After I delivered the two chairs I picked up an antique table that needs a bottom shelf, which will be caned and also a wooden waste basket that needs to be redone.  The basket has an oval of the manufactured cane that I will re-caned to match the table and the other chairs.  My client didn't realize that the table was also missing a drawer, that side was against the wall.  That may be another part of the project, either a false front or a complete drawer assembly will be required.
Even though my main interest is doing new work I'm glad I've taken these projects on.  I can't help but think it's a God thing, He's providing me with work even in these economic times and I'm learning new skills and keeping busy.

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