Monday, July 25, 2011

Clap On / Clap Off

Not really, that's kind of a misleading title but after working on the shelf for the class I'll teach in September out in the shop the heat and humidity has scrambled what brain cells I have left!  Really wanted to complete the lamp before Adam & Nicole came over yesterday and succeeded, here it is:

Lamp On


Lamp Off

Really pleased with how the project turned out.  As I mentioned, we were in Lamps Plus looking for just a shade when this swag lamp caught our eye.  Bits of various glass/stone are wired to it with a fine copper wire.  Their colors (blue, white, copper) match our decor so it was a perfect complement for the room.  I used copper tubing for the support and the column and base are Baltic Birch.  The right piece for the room,  another one of those collaboration projects that Diane and I do to make our house our own.

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