Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gustav Stickley in San Diego

   We took a trip for our 15th. anniversary to San Diego the end of the week.  Had a great time doing the tourist things at Seaport Village and the Gas Lamp District but the focus of the trip were several of the museums at Balboa Park.  What a treat!  At the San Diego Art Museum they are currently featuring the furniture of Gustav Stickley.  Most of you would probably associate Mission style with him.  In a sense, he was to the furniture world what Henry Ford was to the automotive world.  By mass producing and standardizing the joinery for his pieces he was able to increase production which equals more sales and in turn (hopefully) more profit.  As his work became popular (early 1900's) it started to be copied and or modified and then, just as now, he was unable to keep on top of the market.  I'm glad to not be in that position, mine is more a desire to produce  quality pieces that our customized for my clients.
   No trip to a museum would be complete without checking out the beautiful paintings and for me at least, the framing techniques.  One of my favorite artists was a Spaniard by the name of Sorolla, fantastic sense of light in his work.  We also visited the Automotive Museum there and had a great lunch at the Prado restaurant. We stopped by LaJolla on the way back to check out the gallery scene there but unfortunately, they too are suffering in this economy.
   Well back to work.  Finished up the heirloom side table and once I photograph it for my website it'll be delivered.  I did want to share this shot of it:

Roey Grain in Walnut
  This gives you an idea of what that "roey grain" that I've been talking about looks like.  It can be seen on the apron and looks like dark, vertical stripes which is really the grain kind of turning back on itself.  Up close it has a slight three dimensional appearance.

   Other things currently going on in the shop is that the work progresses on the trio of contemporary tables and also a floor lamp for our selves.  Since replacing the couches we've had since we were first married with a more contemporary style we needed to upgrade the lighting to match.  Well, since we couldn't find exactly what we wanted Diane made a sketch of what she thinks would work so it's now in progress.  Too early to photograph it but it'll be a combination of Baltic Birch plywood and copper.  So far so good!

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