Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Look

     I've mentioned that I'll be teaching a hand tool class at WoodItIs!  which is a woodworking school here in North Las Vegas.  It's run by Jamie Yocono, if you're not familiar with her and are interested in learning about woodworking she offers many classes as well as an open shop Saturday where you can utilize her space and expertise.  All students do have to take a mandatory class before enrolling in any other class she offers.  Here's a LINK to her website.
     Ever since she approached me about being a guest instructor I've been pretty excited and really looking forward to it.  The class will be limited to 8 people and teaching and working with adults who actually want to be there will be a treat.  Far cry from working with 12-18 years old incarcerated boys although that was a good way to end my teaching career.  Here's the first look at the project for the class:

Just glued it up this morning and hope the glue will be alright in spite of the 90 degree temperature.  For dovetails and finger joints I like using liquid hide glue because it cleans up easier than others but it is pretty sensitive to temperature.  As you can see, it's a fairly simple design somewhat inspired by James Krenov's work.  The challenge will be completing all of the dovetails in the allotted class time but I'm confident it can be done.  I'd like to expose the class to as many techniques possible including the use of a scratch stock to add a detail on the front edge of the side pieces.  Next comes the drawer with its new challenge of half blind dovetails.  The particular piece of wood (Cumala) I selected for this piece was quite the challenge, it cupped big time after it was surfaced so will lead to one of my "teachable moments" and a discussion on how to counter-act that!

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