Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready for Delivery

  Many hours have passed since the Heirloom Marble Side Table went from a conversation with my clients that lead to this:

And resulted in this:

     One of the things I used to stress to my students was that by building their projects they went from an idea that germinated in their brains, to a sketch or drawing of that idea, and then finally to an actual project.  The process of achieving  that took them from to abstract to the concrete -- all with the God given talents that they cultivated and worked on and through!  This process is one that I felt they would use no matter what career choice they followed.  I'm sure that very few are woodworkers professionally but imagine there are those that have kept it up as a hobby, at least I hope so!
     This was a good project to design and build.  I've mentioned several times how this utilized traditional construction.  Joinery like mortise and tenons and dovetails, these have been around for centuries and are well proven construction methods.  Sure they take more time and really don't lend themselves to mass production but for someone with the mind set that it's more about the process of creating these things it's well worth it.  Here's a detail of the drawer construction to illustrate that:
     Combining the amber glass knob, the woven cane shelf, the inset Marble top, with the warmth and beauty of the Walnut finished with traditional oil and about 5 hand rubbed coats of finish resulted in the side table the client wanted.


  1. LOVE this table!!!! Almost as much as I love mine... :-) I get more complimentary comments on my sofa table with the red wood inside it (can't remember the name of the wood - sorry)! And they are impressed that it's my uncle that does the amazing work on the pieces I've got! :-)

  2. What a wonderful table. It was fun to watch it go from a drawing to your choosing the wood and then the journey to a finished project. Your blog on doing the cane shelf was really informative. I can't wait to see what is next.
    Thanks for sharing with all of us Class of 68 classmates.