Sunday, July 3, 2011

No, it's not a Porcupine!

Kickers in Place
     With all of these clamps stuck on the top of the table it does somewhat resemble a porcupine doesn't it?  Why I challenge myself is beyond me but it is definitely part of my nature.  It's no wonder that inset drawers that slide on wooden parts, carefully made by the maker are hardly ever found.  Much easier to use metal slides but not traditional.  Since this is a side table that will probably be used to store the TV remote and magazines the wood will be just fine.  What you see clamped to the inside top of the table is called a kicker, this is what keeps the drawer from tipping downward when it's pulled out.

Test fit for runners
     In this shot you can see the runners which are only clamped into place for now.  Extending from them is the actual drawer side.  For now, I'll leave them clamped and do the final fitting once the drawer is made.

Drawer Front
     Here you have the front of the drawer after fitting it to the opening.  My only concern now is that it's been pretty humid today and wood will expand across the grain when you factor that in.  The worst thing that could happen is that although the drawer front fits like I want now, when the piece is put in an air-conditioned house the lack of humidity may cause it to shrink and ruin the reveal around its perimeter.  Thankfully that's not a problem that comes up a lot in the desert.

Scratch Stock detail on Apron
     Last of all I wanted to show how the scratch stock came out on the apron.  Very subtle but a feature that only this particular table has.  Tomorrow will be the time to begin cutting the dovetails for the drawer sides.  Better start early, the low temperature is supposed to be around 85!

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