Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doors Assembled

     Well, the morning in the shop started with the bench looking like this:

Ready for the Hand Work

     Yesterday I had cut all of the mortises with a hollow chisel mortiser and also cut full tenons on each of the crosspieces for the four doors.  No matter how careful I am, it's still easy to get confused as to which piece goes to which door.  The tenons all had to be sized to fit the appropriate mortise, they are all haunched.  Since they are as close to being the same as possible due to the machine set-ups from yesterday it meant that once I set the measuring/marking tools up it got to be almost like a production job.  I prefer to saw on the auxiliary bench, easier on my old back!  To size the tenons and cut the haunch I use the dovetail saw.  After doing all eight of them, here's what I had:

Ready for Sizing

     At this point they are all ready to be customized to fit where they belong.  What's required is a bit of chisel work to fine tune the haunch or the mortise.  The tool I utilize the most to adjust the tenon cheeks is a rabbet block plane:

Trimming Cheeks

     This tool works the best for me, I know you can also use a rabbet plane to accomplish this and although I've tried it, this is my choice.  Just support the piece on a bench hook and take whatever off of the tenon until it fits.  All four doors were assembled before noon and one of them seems to have a bit of a twist in it.  This African Mahogany has really been a bear to work with so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't need to make another door from scratch.  Decided it was much too nice of a day to stay in the shop so headed out to Red Rock for a nice, two hour hike.

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