Monday, January 16, 2012

Machine Work aka Noisy & Dusty Operations are Done

Door Parts   Mortise & Tenon
     Most of the shop time today revolved around machine work.  The first step was cutting the parts required for the door.  You can see the uprights on the bench in the background with all of the mortises done, as far as machining goes.  In the foreground is the tenoning jig and all of the cross pieces for the doors.  I always machine these parts ever so slightly, oversized.  Then it's a simple matter of cutting the tenon to fit it's mortise exactly with a dovetail saw and a rabbet plane.
     Earlier this morning the wine glass holders were machined and attached to the shelf.  Like the other interior pieces for the Wine Cupboard, these too will be shellacked before installation.  The rat tail latches came in the mail on Saturday and I'm hoping the hinges arrive soon.  If all goes according to plan the doors should be assembled tomorrow.

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