Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making Progress

     After a few more battles with the African Mahogany I just had to put things together to remind myself that yes; I am making progress!  Todays battle was with the crown molding I made.  Really something that in a piece 1/2" thick and less than 24" long it can develop such a warp.  I needed to remake a piece of it but once I secured it down with screws and glue I'm sure it won't go anywhere.  It was very difficult to measure and cut accurately when it would either bow up in the middle or the ends -- crazy stuff.  Also squared the corners of the inset area where the caning will go.  Anyway, here's something material to look at:

This is a three quarter view showing how the bottles will be supported inside.  Obviously, the doors are not attached.

There will be space for four glasses below.

Although somewhat dark, this shows the color of the Mahogany better.  Not quite as washed out as it is in the other picture which I took on the kitchen island.  The inside of the cupboard has been shellacked about 4 times. That's a pretty accurate photo of the completed finish.

Since I'd never worked with a paper based cane I wanted to experiment.  I made up a sample door out of some Poplar and experimented with it.  I like the look of it, has a more contemporary look than the traditional woven, reed caning.  This is called Radio Weave.

If all goes well tomorrow I may be ready to do the actual doors.  Need to hang and adjust them first so I'm looking forward to a productive afternoon after Church.

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