Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shaping the Scrub Plane

Getting Into Shape
      Well, I just couldn't wait to take a picture and post it on the blog.   Who knows, some of you may be as excited as I am about the progress of the plane!  Since this is something I've never done before I wouldn't mind constructive criticism about the progress.  This plane is definitely based on the James Krenov design but I've modified it to better suit, what I think, a scrub plane should do.
      At this point I've been using spokeshaves, files, chisels, and rasps to form the handle and the knob.  It's far from being finished so I just wiped it down with turpentine to add some color to it.  In my research there was some mention that the Krenov style plane's design didn't give a real good grip and scrubbing requires a lot of grip and oomph!  Because of that I chose to use a saw type handle at the rear and a knob (of sorts) at the front.  If you remember back to the beginning stages these pieces were pretty blocky.  My strategy was to simply grip the plane as if I were using it and see how things feel.  My left hand would be at the front.  The knob is contoured so my hand can wrap around it with either all four fingers below the top of the knob and the thumb wrapped around it or else three fingers can wrap and the index finger and thumb go over the knob.  I just started to radius it until it felt good.  There is more radius on the left side then there is on the right.  The rear handle is pretty straight forward and I'm working on blending it into the sides.  Generally when I plane my habit is to wrap my hand around the rear handle but my index finger lays along the side.
      The wedge I came up with is from a scrap of Zebrawood and the sole of the plane is just under eleven  inches long.  Now's the time we woodworkers tend to rush things but I'm determined to work the wood with sandpaper until it's as smooth and silky as the proverbial babies' butt!

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