Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Losing the Ugly Plastic Handle, Sorry Marples!

De-Handled Marples Chisels

     I've been in the process of paring down and then adding to my carving chisel collection based on what I seem to use the most.  These are a couple of Marples that I've had since the early 70's and although they hold an edge well I could never stand the feel of the plastic handle.  I put out a question on a website on removing them and a hacksaw, perhaps followed by a propane torch was the reply.
     Looking at the design of the chisel I assumed they were a socket style but as you can see, that's not the case.  I did the hacksaw bit at first but realized I was hitting metal so continued to  work my way up the handle until I cut completely through.  I put it in the vise and twisted it off with a pair of vise grips.  Well, I thought that cutting wasn't necessary so the second one I just put in the vise and the handle twisted right off.  The tang is tapered after a square section of about half an inch.  I think I'll drill a hole in whatever I use for a handle that is roughly the average size of the tang then cut a square mortise to match.  Epoxy should hold things together.  This will be a good exercise in forming handles to fit my hand, I don't have a lathe so a spokeshave will be just the ticket.  I'll blog the results as I get into it, currently finishing up a box commission  and have one other client scheduled so it'll be a while.  Paying customers go to the head of the line!

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