Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pandemic Box headed to Michigan

     Well, it's time to wrap up another project and as is the case with most of them it brings mixed emotions!  This one was particularly interesting because it was something I'd never heard of and all of the communication was done via the internet.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out and hope it meets all of the requirements my client has.  She's been watching the process of the construction via my blog so she knows how things are looking.
     Here's a view of the box completed with the hardware attached.
Completed Project

     When you open the box, there is a compartment underneath where the game board will be stored, notice the pieces on the inside of the lid?  Those will close against the game board and keep the lower section intact.

Inner Panel, Game board Area

     You remove this inner panel with the finger hole in the middle to access the storage area for all of the cards.  The section in the middle is for 6 petri dishes that are used to hold the game pieces.

Box Interior

     The final stages of a project is where sometimes things can go wrong so there's always a bit of stress.  This is most common when installing the hinges.  I use a router and template to get them almost sized but the final fitting is done by scribing and chiseling to the exact size.  I recently had a student and we discussed why a marking knife is a much better choice than a pencil for this step.

Scribing Hinge Mortise
     When you have a scribed line it's better because you can set the edge of your chisel in that line.  Your chance of success is much better with a scribed line then with a pencil line.  Well, it's time to change the blade on the tablesaw and cut some foam pieces to protect the box on it's way to its new home in Michigan.

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