Sunday, March 25, 2012

Added to my Repertoire!

     It's been an exciting time since the last blog 4 days ago.  All of the appliances were delivered except for the double ovens that should be here in early April.  This was pretty exciting.  We figured that we should be able to get something for the old (16 years or so) ones so Diane took some pictures of the refrigerator and posted them to Craig's List.  The phone started ringing within 10 minutes and the people wanted to come over.  The first lady came over, paid for the refrigerator and asked if we'd help put it in her Ford Explorer -- wisely; we declined.   She called some "friends" and pretty soon here comes two guys with a U-Haul truck and a much needed dolly.  While she was waiting she checked out the microwave and double ovens that were on the back patio.  Unbelievable but they bought those too.  Then I mentioned that I had a stovetop in the garage, showed it and then that was bought.  I thought, what the heck, hey I'll have a dishwasher too by the end of the day, would you want that?  Not only did they want it but the man who appeared to be in charge said "my guy can take it out now"  Felt just like we were visited by American Pickers and we bundled everything just like Frank does on that show -- crazy good!  Turns out that he buys foreclosed houses at auctions and flips them after doing a remodel to them.
     The not so good is that the newer stove tops need a hole that is about 1 1/2" wider than the hole we currently have.  If it was wood, not a problem but our counter happens to be granite.  I thought to myself "great, how will I find someone to cut this larger?"  My good neighbor,  across the street, has a 4 1/2" angle grinder and thought that if it was fitted with a diamond blade it would cut it although it would be very messy. He offered to hold a shop vac if I wanted to give it a try.  Why not, never have done that but I'm always up for the challenge!  I needed to take 3/4" off each side to keep it centered.
     Went to home depot, bought the diamond blade, and made a plastic cocoon to try to contain the dust.  Mike held the vacuum right by the blade as I sawed on the line.  Should have taken a picture of it but was too intent on just getting it done.  Pretty interesting, the vac would suck in the plastic and one time the plastic got wrapped around the blade and stalled it.  In the end though, I used a cold chisel to clean out the corners and after a little more trimming and finagling the stove dropped into place -- here it is:

     Kind of distorted but you get the picture.  The metal rail above it is for the Microwave which I hope to get in today.  Earlier I'd mentioned that our backsplash design had to change.  The tile that we put up over the granite backsplash is just not going to come off.  I know the guy who put it on (me!) and it's on to stay.  I tried to pry some off and it's bonded to the granite and am afraid it might crack that.  Not a good plan so the small glass tiles we've picked out will go on top of it and extend to the bottom of the cabinets.  Here's a picture of the new refrigerator and you can also see the island and the contrasting color.

       I may build a cabinet to fill in the space next to it for a broom and tall items like cookie trays -- have to catch my breath first!  On to the dishwasher and maybe the microwave today and see what is done next.  I think I'm having shop withdrawal pains though.

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  1. John it looks so nice, you and your wife must be so pleased! It is fun to get a project done after so much planning. Kudos to you! Kathy