Thursday, March 1, 2012

Plane Making Class

     Had the first session of the class last night.  Got so wrapped up in helping them get started on making their own versions of the Krenov style plane I forgot to take pictures!  In the works are two different block planes using the 1" wide blade from Ron Hock, one general purpose plane with the 1 1/2" blade, and another plane that will be patterned after the scrub plane version I designed.  Found out that if you do a image search on any of the search engines my plane comes up under "Krenov Style Planes".  Must admit it's kind of cool to see my creation on the image page.
     Things were going well until one of the sides on a block plane split as the dowel pins were inserted.  Luckily it was at the dry fit stage and I had another piece of Australian Lacewood.  Looking forward to seeing how that turns out.  I think the students all enjoyed themselves in spite of some minor setbacks.  Two of them weren't too crazy about making their own dowels so opted to use a tenon cutter for that operation instead.  Making those dowels is time consuming but personally I like the results so feel the time is well spent.
     Next session we'll be gluing on the soles, learning how to hone the blades, and then setting up and using one of these planes.  The class is only 3 sessions so the last session will be spent on shaping the mouth and the plane body.  I'll be sure to take pictures next session.

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