Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pardon the Dust, Remodel in Progress

In Progress for Sure!
     Well, I guess I'm getting antsy due to the fact I'm unable to spray the last 15 doors!  Terrible winds and rain is forecast for Sunday and Monday.  Pretty ironic that the weather would chose to do that now since last year we only received about half of our annual 4" of rain -- oh well, patience is a virtue.
     As you can tell, things are somewhat in a state of disarray!  Although I'd planned to spray yesterday I decided to start on the face frames on the north and west walls.  There is a definite food theme going on with the paint choices, this is called Marshmallow.  Saying you want "white" paint just doesn't work.  We had initially chosen what we thought would work and matched the trim in the rest of the house but after putting it on one of the end cabinets it was very yellowish green.  Thank goodness Diane has her artists color sense!  We ended up taking a piece of the granite to Sherman Williams to work with and this is what she decided and it's good.  We're using their ProClassic line of paint which is an acrylic rather than a straight latex.  It dries very hard and has all of the characteristics of an oil base paint without the hassles.  I'm doing two coats whether it's brushed on inside the house or sprayed on outside.
     One of the things we like about this is that the grain of the Oak still telegraphs through.  You can see that in this shot of the island:

The Island with its Jewelry
       To keep that food theme going the color on this is called French Roast.  Adding these brushed stainless bin pulls to all of the drawers and have egg shaped knobs for all of the doors.  Just placed the order for the replacement stainless steel appliances which will be delivered when the rest of the kitchen is ready.  Drywall on the ceiling tomorrow and paint it after a few days to allow the mud and texture to dry thoroughly.  Planning to sell the old appliances on Craig's List to recoup some of the costs.  Last thing we'll do is replace the backsplash with these really cool, 3/4" square glass tiles.  They're variegated and pick up the colors of the granite, cabinets, and also the stainless steel.
     So that's where things are as of now.  Really looking forward to some quieter shop time.  There's the frame I carved in the workshop that is just begging to be water gilded with 23kt. gold and I'd also like to carve some type of panel for the kitchen.  If you look at the first picture there is a half round, recessed design element above the microwave -- that's destined for a carving.  It'll be up high enough where any mistakes won't be too evident.  Trying to think of a good "kitchen theme" there, Diane's already told me that a big rooster is not in the plans!


  1. You're awesome John, this wouldn't be possible without your talents!

  2. Thanks, getting intense in some places as "modifications" need to be made, sure you can see the frustration but --- it's coming together!