Monday, March 5, 2012

Kitchen Progress

A Gaping Hole
     After a couple of hours work and clean up time this is what we have now.  The hole is about 64" x 100" and took a while to open up.  After removing the existing fluorescent fixtures (3) the final piece of sheet rock was taken down.  The amount of bracing and blocking they put into this structure was crazy!  My cat's claw and crowbars worked overtime to get rid of it all.  Much of the backing was lower than the bottom of the rafters but I guess they didn't care about that since it was inside of the light box.  The floors are fairly clean with the steam mop but will need lots of TLC when the entire project is done.  That drywall dust even got between the seams of the laminate floor.
     I had a message from Ralph Bagnall  who encouraged me to check out LED bulbs.  We did and will probably go with them in spite of the additional added up front cost.  Bought a CFL lamp to test and it's really very bright and glaring.  That, combined with the warm up period is having us consider the LED's.
     Once the ceiling was removed and things cleaned up, Diane and I measured all of the features and made the floor plan.  It was drawn in 1/2 scale and here's the progression:

  The initial plan was drawn on to graph paper and then copied, upper left drawing.
Next the counters and upper cabinets were located, upper right drawing.
This was followed by locating the rafters and approximate location of the ductwork that we'll need to work around, bottom left drawing.
And the final plan is the colored version on the lower right.

     Now it's time to load up the truck with all of the destruction debris and haul it off to the transfer station in Henderson.  We plan to stop at the Bulb Man to get their advice on placement and number of fixtures we'll need to complete this phase of the project.


  1. John, one bit of advise, most lighting experts will put way more lighting than you will need. I know you and Diane will use your own logic too. Nothing worse than a ceiling that looks like swiss cheese. I like to have ceiling lighting plus other lighter for ambiance in my kitchen, such as I have a chandelier, inside lighting in cupboards, lamps on counters, but that fits my style. Just wanted to say it is fun seeing your creativity at work and it will be fun going along with you in this process.
    On another note, if you click on your blog post title and copy it and then paste it, it will have your link and blog visible in your postings on facebook,just in case people don't know to click on the url. Have a great day,

  2. John, as always I look forward to reading about your latest project.