Sunday, March 18, 2012

No More Nineties!!

Smooth and Up to Date
     Today was a difficult day for me because instead of working on the kitchen myself I hired Ron to come in, fix that gaping hole, and re-texture the ceiling so it all matches.  He did a great job, came right on time at 8am and was done and out by 1:30.  That was the one job I knew I didn't want to tackle and he did an outstanding job which is probably hard to see by the photograph.

     The first thing he did was to completely mask off the kitchen with plastic to contain that fine, drywall dust to one area.  He also taped the floor off and then created a walkway from the kitchen to minimize tracking the dust through the rest of the house.

     Here is the patch in place and he's starting to taper the two pieces of drywall to create a seamless joint.  He used a fast set mud compound so he was able to be in and out in such a short time.  Back when I worked construction drywall work was a multi-day job because you had to wait for one coat of mud to set up before you could sand and apply the next.  He told me that this will be good and dry so I can paint tomorrow.  That's good to know because the weather forecast is calling for continued winds and temps in the low 50's, neither one of those conditions is good for spraying the next batch of doors.

     Just to remind you what things used to look like, this is the before picture:

      Quite an improvement I'd say, not only in the appearance but also with the quality of light we now have to work with.  What do you think?

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