Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost, and I stress ALMOST; Done with the Cabinets

     Yesterday, since I had so many doors to spray, was kind of a nail biter!  My set-up for spraying is on the western side of the house so direct sunlight is blocked until around 12:30 or so.  That's important because the sun would cause the paint to cure way too fast.  The routine was to spray the backs and edges once, wait an hour and then spray the second coat on the backs. Wait another hour and repeat the process on the fronts.  Well, this time the sun came over while the first coat on the front was drying which meant I had to get them into the garage while they were still wet.  To add to the process, 5 of these doors were pretty large and just fit through the door but you know what?, it's done and just underscores the statement that through adversity we build strength!

     As you can see in this picture, the kitchen is in a major state of confusion.  Yes, that's the refrigerator stuck in the middle of the kitchen between the stove top and the island!  Makes it pretty hard to fix a meal but what the heck, there's a lot of restaurants here in Las Vegas.  Besides, the microwave and the oven is in the side yard awaiting their debut on CraigsList.

     So, what remains to be done?  The cabinetry by the refrigerator is ready for the second coat this morning.  All of the scribe needs to be measured, bought, cut, and painted by the end of the day tomorrow.  The new refrigerator will be delivered on Friday so that "hole" needs to be ready.  Other than that, all that needs to be sanded and painted are the drawers.  Diane has been working on cleaning out the cabinets so the doors can be re-installed.
     Monday was the day the ceiling was painted and that took a lot of prep.  To protect the floor Diane ( with Ali's help) taped painters paper all over it:

     I used this taping technique I saw Ron doing when he did the drywall work.  I thought it was pretty clever so let me share it with you.

     What you do is put your 1 1/2" wide tape on the wall and press the upper half of it tight.  You unroll the plastic and put the edge under the tape and secure it.  The plastic is a boxed roll that you can get at Home Depot and measures 12' x 400', it's even marketed as "Painters Plastic".  Once it's all up, you can unfold it and paint to your little heart's desire:

     Speaking of painting, time to put on the over-alls and get to it.  Other than the drawers and installing the appliances the only major thing left is tiling the backsplash.  I'll more than likely need to cut the drywall and remove it completely, doubt the tiles we put up there 6-8 years ago will come off without a fight so it'll be easier to cut the wall and remove it drywall and all!

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